Book of dead thimbleweed park

book of dead thimbleweed park

Sep 28, All the book titles were put into a spreadsheet and were sorted and dups Having backed the game on Kickstarter, that is *dead* wrong. Apr. Das Point & Click-Adventure Thimbleweed Park spielt in der gleichnamigen Stadt , in der.. Diese Komplettlösung von Thimbleweed Park habe ich bewusst auf das .. Lauft weiter nach rechts und geht zu Occults Books. . Detroit: Become Human · Life Is Strange 2 · The Walking Dead - The Final Season. 6. Apr. Komplettlösung für Thimbleweed Park: Ron Gilberts neues Spiel ist ein . rechts, betretet den Occult Books und redet mit Madame Morena. The most important thing is the curly pink laces. Please do not use book titles which refer to Beste Spielothek in Breese in der Marsch finden contemporary which will be forgotten in 5 years. We apologize in advance, but that is out of our hands. Is Your Underwear Haunted? I went home feeling a little dejected and overwhelmed. I've checked the walkthrough on casual mode and on hard mode. Why casino monaco you extend the character limit ONLY in case of author tipico wartungsarbeiten The Final Act by H. As we move to new and more casual platforms like iOS and Android, this becomes increasingly important. Marcel Rohles - Jul 27, at Werewism on the Street Necronanny: He drew the initial concepts and layouts as sketches.

Ok I'm done - and it's midnight where I am! Thanks for giving me a lot of fun Ron! If none of the following get into the game I'll be officially opening my own occult book shop just to make it happen!

Space reptiles killed JFK! Ronnie is a Commie! The Bronze age didn't happen - Commie Conspiracy!

Dark Lord in 66 steps or less! A practitioners guide Advanced Dowsing Fireflies: Michael "beefsack" Alexander - Jul 27, at Secrets of Mars, by Z.

Possible Without Help from Egiptians? How to Curse Friends and Beguile People. Chris Armstrong - Jul 27, at Actually that should've said "5.

Transcendental Magic by E. The Untold Story 7 Pointed Stars: Michael Stum - Jul 27, at Keith hughes - Jul 27, at Maxwell Yezpitelok - Jul 27, at Elchapucero - Jul 27, at Wooing Voodoo Ladies by C.

How to make glasses for people with shrinked heads I was a teenage Lobot History book by Cagliostro.

Voodoo for dummies Honey I shrunk the kids heads Hitchhickers guide for walking dead Ghost dogs and rubber chickens Live and let die by Captain Barbosa.

Mark Pollock - Jul 28, at Is Your Underwear Haunted? Satanic beading Esotericism for everybody Nintendo Power vol Atkins' New Diet Revolution.

It would be better suited in a fantasy game like MI. Patenting potions Sue me: Preservation of Triceratops Tears. Nick Tashiro - Jul 28, at Understanding your inner demon by Psychological Limited Harrasment between succubi: Sexorcism If she's possessed is it incest Cloudreading Escape from hell - A practical guide Firebending How to smell the devil.

Dyslexia and Enchanting" "The mysteries of clothes: Beetle juice three times a day! From witch to enchanting lady" "Mortal Questions" "Who led the ghosts out?!

Exteme Constipation" "Exorcism-In-Use 2: Spiritual Abortion" "Exorcism-In-Use 2: Animate the Party" "Necromancy: Annoying Edition" "Are you really gonna read all these titles?

Mattias Cedervall - Jul 30, at Guy de Buille - Jul 28, at Some for the novel rack, foreign category: I wish I could delete that comment.

But being an alcoholic does have disadvantages. Is there any way you could put our names in these books? Alain Bellenger - Jul 28, at Mercury voodoo with fried chicken voodoo and chicken, a love story how to combine voodoo and barbecue voodoo BBQ: Computer games, also usually found in bookstores: The Final Act by H.

Toothrot Whipping Blood Cults by H. Principia Discordia and some alliterations: Walkthrough - Thimbleweedark as an homage to the "Instand Videos" in Spacesballs the movie: Spring Break Undead High: A side note to Ron, Gary and David: Please do not use book titles which refer to something contemporary which will be forgotten in 5 years.

This game should be a timeless gem. I also think that the author of a book should only appear when really looking at it.

It is kind of confusing to have some books with author and some without. I agree, even though many of my own suggestions would be rejected because of this -- maybe they should be.

Cheap, direct references to "our reality" outside of the game world could break this. Encyclopedia Galactica On Stranger Tides.

Neil Roberts - Jul 28, at How to teach Shakespear to a talking skull too long? Shakespear with a talking skull Indiana Bones - Fraction Stories.

Cooking without garlic by C Dracula. Lie Murder Profit - Jul 28, at Advanced Poltergeist Gastronomy lbs - Thin Air: Alfonso Maruccia - Jul 28, at Roberto Cano - Jul 28, at How-to write fun book names How-to beat Ron to death How-to find books in an occult shop The highest book on the shelf The lowest book on the shelf How-to use tarot to win at poker Oui-ja yes si: Identified Flying Objects Florida: The Fountain of Youth.

How to wake the dead. Damian James - Jul 28, at PrinzJohnny99 - Jul 28, at Might be pushing the appropriateness level, but "Sex and the Single Necromancer".

If that's too much, "The Pragmatic Necromancer" or a play on the tech book pattern with "Beautiful Necromancy".

Synne and Jonas - Jul 28, at Teaching a dead dog new tricks Slim pickings — cannibalism on a diet Shabby Eek! Your shadow and you Sayings of Satan: Beauty tips by C.

Gilbert Leg bone's connected to a chain Afterlife has 3 dimensions Is there a cursor on you? Is your life preprogrammed?

I peeked a little, by H. Adrian Jenkin - Jul 28, at Made up Feng Shui for aura reading Trepanning for fun and profit Feng Shui and ancient artifacts Ancient aliens Not so ancient aliens Relatively recent aliens Look behind you!

A 3 headed alien! Poltergeist practical jokes I am dead people - a ghost's tale Murray - from the skull's mouth!

Franfranfranco - Jul 28, at Let me explain why: Just after the war,the protagonists father takes him to the secret Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a huge library of old, forgotten titles lovingly preserved by a select few initiates.

According to tradition, everyone initiated to this secret place is allowed to take one book from it and must protect it for life.

Daniel selects a book called The Shadow of the Wind Fred Hidden messages in Tentacle Porn. Big Red Button - Jul 28, at Marcelo Staudt - Jul 28, at I was turned into a book.

Dark voodoo with illegal opcodes 64 shades of glowing green Finding magic meteors by F. How I killed LeChuck by G. Monsters and their Kynds Monster: Christopher Griffin - Jul 28, at Death Investigating for Dummies.

This is really hard: You know it would've been in the old games. Hologramatic Abridged It is anachronic because the hologram theory is from s, but, who knows what strange books one can find in a place like that.

Animal Magnetism by F. Mesmer Parser Programming by K. Turning frogs into books by O. Neshot How to empty your dreamcatcher Recycling guide: WhiteRakogis - Jul 28, at I always liked references so I would include the following: Geoff Paulsen - Jul 28, at Starship Titanic - Jul 28, at LogicDeLuxe - Jul 28, at Ghost Pirates Exorcism vol Root Beer A trilogy without part 3 - Ron G.

Colored Christals The Answer: Voodoo Antiroot Jinx on Demand: Black Pages This book will crash your PC! The broom have eyes How to kill a carnivorous plant Mummies for dummies.

How to be less sparkly by: The first pox The story of Guynush Treftwoop. Respawning Grog Mugs Bermuda Triangle: How to Get Lost Ghostwriting: How to abuse backers Reanimation for Dummies - Largo The way to lower a pentagram: For all the Pratchett fans: Mattias Cedervall - Jul 28, at Vegan secrets for vampire happiness Reincarnation for the undead Noodle recipes for Dragon Warriors.

Mulder I Want to Believe, but Build a Monster by Dr. Cula Was there a Fifth Horseman? Man with a duck - Jul 28, at Man with a duck 2 - Jul 28, at Man with a duck 3 - Jul 28, at Tsa Tsa Lopy - Jul 28, at Rubber Chicken and purpur Tentacle: Lightning Rod - Jul 28, at Cuz, that's what you do when you play a video game.

Give it a minute. Higor Bimonti - Jul 28, at Man with a cat - Jul 28, at Man with a dog - Jul 28, at JFK died in ! Man with Flamingo - Jul 28, at Man with Flamingo2 - Jul 28, at Ryan Henson Creighton - Jul 28, at I Hardly Knew 'Er!

Best Practices Teach Yourself Numerology in 7 days. The Impenetrability of Corpses Planetics by L. Ron Howard Grow a Moustache by G.

Emmanuel Eytan - Jul 28, at That's a real one, and one of the most occult: By popular demand - some more before bedtime: Helge Frisenette - Jul 28, at After reading through a lot of the suggestions I gotta say that there is an alarming crap to good ratio.

This isn't a brainstorm. Try to at least have some self criticism and ask yourself "is this up to the standards that these guys are known for".

Don't just write anything that pops into your mind. Almost everything seems to be highly derivative as in a variation of something heard before , incredibly lame or having to do with programming languages.

That is why A: You are not Ron Gilbert B: He asks for your help. Having to sift through all the suggestions as it is now ends up being almost as much work for Ron, as just doing them all himself.

Sadly, that's very true. I'd take back some of the alarming crap I posted just a few minutes before mildly funny isn't funny enough.

It's the curse of adrenaline and easy to use comment functions At least you prevented me from suggesting: Well, if you think that you can do much better, we're all eager to hear your suggestions.

Well, here a few: My Computer is Haunted! A Three Headed Alien! Barton Lynch - Jul 28, at A trio of suggestions: Now hurry up with that game!

I propose a variant: The Secret Art of Italian Parking. I think this video explains all: The dark tribe behind Monkey Island.

A never ending story by LeChuck JR. The autobiography of Nina Simone is actually a good one https: Dead Soul Obligations by Robert Johnson.

Zak Phoenix McKracken - Jul 28, at Caesar Dogs and Cats are not men's Friends. The power of the Inluminatis The book of patterns by M.

Inluminatis Mysterious world wide sewer Note that I write iNluminati for comedy purposes, in spanish my 1st language sounds good.

Adam Yedlin - Jul 28, at Maxi Navarro - Jul 28, at Actually I did't count well: Voodoo Chicken by Colonel Sanders How to make voodoo chicken.

Isn't that a good thing? Today is Angelina Jolie-day and tomorrow is Kate Upton-day Visual Voodoo Studio for Dummies 2.

This one takes two books for the joke to make sense: The Pimp Shrimp - Jul 29, at Kris Bleakley - Jul 29, at The newly dead handbook Left at the altar by Sacrifice Bite on this!

Eddison Is that a wand in your pocket? Toothroot Not the druids you are looking for The Joy of Hex: Christian Studer - Jul 29, at Tsa Tsa Lopy - Jul 29, at A bit late to the party, I guess: Peter Campbell - Jul 29, at Big Red Button - Jul 29, at Bulder Van Klovn - Jul 29, at Because we actually dont know whether Jack Tramel was CIA or not, or what the implications of the "C64" as you call it are!

And no I am not paranoid. It is very normal to be eating the glowing mushrooms beneath my bathtub! Jamie Lynne Powell-Herbold - Jul 29, at Understanding Gush, 2nd Ed.

Why stop with books! Murray "Three basic steps to any profession" "Voodoo cooking with Rubberchickens" "Voodoo Dolls; trough the needles eye" "Taking care of your Chuck plant" "Preserving a navigators head" "22 stump jokes" "Bringing back the Mojo".

Maxi Navarro - Jul 29, at Mattias Cedervall - Jul 29, at Christopher Griffin - Jul 29, at Carlo Valenti - Jul 29, at Sam Beckett never returned home" The other great mystery, by E.

Seckritus Questionson - Jul 29, at Sea Monsters of Boston's sewers Dwarven Midgets: All The Facts Loch Ness: The New Guy - Jul 29, at Long time reader, first time commenter here.

It may be futile to throw in more suggestions at this point, but here are a few anyway, just for laughs: Are you there God?

An Ankh is the key — By Bob E. Walpurgis Night Healing with gems and nuclear power Healing with gems and solar power Helena Blavatsky for dummies Jobs of the future: Corn and corpses Writing in runes, an Introduction Witches: They float and burn.

LogicDeLuxe - Jul 29, at Altruist Guide - Trevor Ron Gilbert: Insert Disk 22 Oricalcum: The Myth of Beads Ventriloquy Encryption for Dummies: Werewism on the Street Necronanny: What happened to my Avatar?

I know it is against the 35 character rule but somehow must be made known that the Poetics comes with comments by Jorge de Burgos of "Name of the Rose" fame ;.

I apologise for some of these but not much Math How to defeat a megalomaniac ghost - by G. Necronomicon The art of hidding hidden books - The ninja book master.

Meteor police - Jul 29, at The mindbenders mythology" - "Zombies: There is no book by Neo Pandoras book covers by T. Patrik Spacek - Jul 29, at The count of comments gives me a sweat!

I placed your images to PS and I seen your resolutions Mark's night scene has x and the library has x Now, have you Ron mentioned game resolution x for the final game?

You are not wrong, there is a lot of scrolling. I did crop the Occult Bookstore a bit to make it fir the website, but it scrolls both ways.

Eric Jacobus - Jul 29, at Straitjackets-Knitting Patterns Neat meat eating plants Lobotomize is a wise vice Open a sweatshop in hell.

Fiendship is Tragic The Witchest: Chariots of the Dogs by Pep Crystals: Mystery of Closure Nick Tashiro - Jul 30, at Sven Aronsson - Jul 30, at Baracas The Boffo catalogue Headology for beginners A cat and a hat, witching for beginners Fortifying unholy water the easy way The dark side of the coffee pot Cat summoning for wiches.

The Magic of Reality - Richard Dawkins what? It'd be funny to have in an occult shop. Big Red Button - Jul 30, at First of all, a classic citation: How I Did It by Dr.

Victor Frankenstein Then, something new: Marcel Taeumel - Jul 30, at Sorry but I'm just 13 and you have to forgive me everything because I'm not adult yet!

Sorry, I didn't want to spam Totally love that, Ron! Not trying to be the party pooper - but - how can you deal with the sheer amount of great book titles when it comes to the promised translations?

Imported book, never translated. There's A LOT of titles here that are tied to English language, so there's lot of untranslatable stuff.

I wouldn't even try to translate most of these. Even many of my own submissions work only in English. BTW, I roughly counted the books in wireframe.

There's about books in there: Google just showed me a picture of my phone , and then the page wouldn't load, so I lost the lengthy writing I did, which was incredible.

It was funny, it had never seen before insights, it was touching, and frankly, it would have saved the world. Now I just post this.

But I don't know if not translating them or make up other great titles in the target language is an option, since the book that solves the puzzle will most probably have to be in the translated language.

That would be inconsistent and in particular a bit too easy, wouldn't it? Unless there is a clever reason why all books are English books even in the translated version.

If books in store are imported from English speaking country i. A viable option would be to have this sort of a blog post e. They don't have to be the same as English counterparts.

I'm quite sure there would be lot of submissions, but not sure about the quality. Also, Terrible Toybox Ron and Gary would have to have a trusted partner to make sure none of the titles are not something they don't want it to be.

Oh, and as there is just one book to find, I'm sure there is a way to translate that. Unless it has a pun in untranslatable English.

Mischa Magyar - Jul 30, at As far as I've read the book your searching for is not found by searching for it, but by acquiring a certain item. So there's not necessarily a direct connection between the book titles on the shelf and the one you're searching for On the other hand Maybe the translators or Ron by proxy start s threads for each language where native titles can be entered!

Mischa Magyar - Jul 31, at Unfortunately most of the titles would be too long, if you translated them to German And most of the really funny ones are funny on more than one level Elvis Tanner - Jul 30, at Economicon - The Price of Occultism and some actual books: After a sleepness night I can only think of We faxed Facebook page to some numbers and asked from comments.

Nice idea, but difficult for non-native speakers to contribute. I hope you repeat this for the other languages, once the translations are on their way.

The 35 character limit will be a real challenge in German, though. This is what I have to offer right now: A dispute" "Satanic Art: Six-pointed Pentagrams" "The Adventure of the Thimblewitch" having a real book in the shelf might be a nice twist.

I deal with translations all the time, and German and Spanish are some of the most difficult what comes to length and I have really struggled with translations from English to French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish They just don't fit in the space reserved for English text.

Kris Bleakley - Jul 30, at Deal or no deal? Living with ghosts The big book of spells The bigger book of spells The biggest book of spells Your wish is granted by Zoltar Hut of brown, now sit down by b.

I personally would be hesitant to use any suggestion that made reference to an event post Don't be a tuna head. I agree, but it's an occult bookstore.

There has to be books about the future. By bona fide authors who know what's going to happen in 90s, 00s or 01s. Henrik Jarlskov - Jul 30, at Hex Editors and Spell Checkers Hex Editors and Spell Checkers: The Devil's Power Tools.

Rhyme'n Spells or Wicca Wicca Wak: Rap Incantations I know these are too long, but other possible variations: Spells With a Hip-Hop Flava.

Dario Morelli - Jul 30, at Ralph Upton - Jul 30, at Zak Phoenix McKracken - Jul 30, at Bowls and Bowling aren't for fishes How to saw a seesaw in the sea How to take a shower without scream Nostalgia - handmade voodoo dolls.

Cultivating Mystique Inscrutable II: LogicDeLuxe - Jul 30, at I'm late, I'm late, hope I'm still able to enter the game: It sounds esoteric when truth is it is erotic: Player character dialogs solved this problem.

You now can chat amongst yourselves while spouting plot clarifying lines. If I had a few extra months I would have made them ever more complex, but maybe they don't need to be.

I'm sure someone will complain that they didn't talk about X and that is plot critical. I do think the dialogs help tremendously and I regret not pushing forward and implementing them from the get-go.

The other slightly related feature we implement was greetings. When Ray walks by Delores, she will say a quick one line greeting, same for Reyes, Ransome and Delores.

None of these are plot revealing, but do make the world feel more alive and real. The biggest change was a new in-game hint system. I know this will cause the hardcore adventure gamer's blood to boil as it does mine , but the lack of hints was widely criticized by some of the more casual press.

As we move to new and more casual platforms like iOS and Android, this becomes increasingly important. I guess it's a sad fact about not only modern gamers, but older gamers that just don't have 18 hours to spend on a game.

You would find it alongside the road and pick it up. You could then use it on any object in the game and it would give you a context appropriate hint.

On paper, it seemed like a good idea, until the first implementation and the problems came roaring out. The biggest problem was when you're stuck it's often at a conceptual level and you don't even know what object to click on.

This could cause players to randomly click on stuff, hoping the get a hint with no real idea what they needed. To stop non-stop hint-clicking, we added some friction in the form of a "cooldown", but it felt artificial and frustrating.

We thought about adding a "currency" you find or earn specks of dust , but these all ran into the issue os rarity and frustration when you can't find or earn them and you need a hint.

To me, the most important part of any in-game hint system is making sure it feels like part of the world and game. I didn't want to do a hint system that was all UI based.

Thimbleweed Park already has a working phone, so it seemed natural to just have a hint line number you could call and get a hint. We once again toyed with the idea of a currency.

You're using a phone, so finding money to use it made sense, but unfortunately, the phone is needed for other things and we didn't want to muck up all that with making them all pay phones, plus some of the phones are in the mansion and hotel.

We beat it around for a bit, then just decided to making the hint line "free" to use. Calling the phone provides some natural friction, in that you'd have to get to a phone or switch to whoever had the cel phone and make a call and trip down a hint tree.

The advantage we had over a true 80s hint line was that we know the context of where you are in the game, so the hint line can be smart and focus down to hints we know you might needed, and ignore spoilers and other distractions.

Jenn volunteered to take on the job, and we based it with permission on the existing online hints of Meghann O'Neill , so we had a good starting place.

It's a nice system and hopefully newer players find it fun and helpful. But I know one's willpower can be weak.

One tricky issue is old save games. To fully implement the AI of the hintTron, we had to add some new variables to track game state.

If you load an old savegame, those variables don't exist. Jenn wrote some fancy code to try and predict an old savegame's state.

There we more keyboard commands like the numpad that I ran out of time, but I'll save those for another update That arcade machines will make it into the next major update, probably when iOS and Android are released.

Come talk about it on the Official Thimbleweed Park Forums. Announcing the Official Thimbleweed Park Forums. No longer will you have to scroll through hundreds of uncategorized messages looking for that gem of a comment.

I've closed all comments on the blog, so if you want to continue to chat about Thimbleweed Park, head on over to the Official Thimbleweed Park Forums.

Special thanks to Robin Ward, a backer, blog reader, and co-founder of Discourse, for helping to set all this up.

Time to get all your questions in, although we will be recording on Thursday, so the cut off will be Wednesday evening PDT. Please keep your questions about the final game and design, art, production or developer issues related to that.

I think it goes without saying that the comments will be filled with spoilers, so don't read this is you're trying to remain pure. Now that we can post preproduction design docs without fear of spoilers warning: Early in January, right after the Kickstarter finished, Gary and I got together for a few days of brainstorming on the whiteboard.

At this point, we knew the basic story, in so much as these agents show up to investigate the body, and there was a clown, a dead guy and computer programmer.

We didn't really know how the game would end, or how we'd get there, but hey, that is the fun part. After the first brainstorm session, Gary had the idea of a big factory and this tube based AI.

It seemed ripe for digging, so we ran with that and never looked back. A couple of months later, David Fox joined the team and we started to get into the nitty-gritty of solving the murder.

After the first day with David, I was really bothered by all the details of finding evidence. I went home feeling a little dejected and overwhelmed.

What the evidence gathering stage needed was focus, then the idea of TronMachines hit me. By placing them in the Coroners office, it would give that focus.

The TronMachines wanted specific items, and that meshed better with how an adventure game worked. David and Gary seemed to like the idea and it gave out design sessions more focus as well always a good idea.

The EnhanceTron was going to be used to enhance a video image taken from the Quickie Pal video camera, but it felt like too much, so we cut it.

We saved the flashbacks for last, and for those brainstorm sessions Jenn join us. Ransome's flashback started to get huge and we cut it back significantly.

Most of what you see made it into the game, although tweaked quite a bit. Other parts never got off the whiteboard. Some of it made it off the whiteboard and into the wireframe version, but was cut before final art.

In the continuing series called "Hey, let's make a video game", I thought I'd take people through all the patch notes and talk about what happened, why it happened and how we fixed it.

Note that these patch are for Steam Build You can see the build number by looking in the lower right of the Options menu. If the bug is level 4, it just gets moved to fix next rev.

For these patch live patches we want to make safe and easy changes, because they are not going though a full cycle of testing. These are emergency fixes only.

In a few weeks, we'll do a major rev with all the little things change and maybe some new content and it will go through a full testing pass. If you picked up the cheese in Ransome's fridge, and then tried to put it back, the cheese would disappear, making the game unfinishable since the cheese was needed for a later puzzle.

It was missed because none of the testers thought to put the cheese back. If you put down the cheese by the rat hole, and then picked up the cheese, the rat hole was untouchable.

If you picked it up at that moment, the hole would already have been made untouchable. You did get the cheese but could never put it back there again.

That's why it was hard to catch. The dime needed to make the call to free the trapped agent is randomly placed.

One of the places is on A Street. A Street is blocked off and a WC tube is needed to solve the puzzle.

If Ray goes to the store and gets the tube, then walks into the alley and gets captured, there is now no way to get to A Street and get the dime since she has the tube.

If Reyes had been captured, it would have been OK since Ray has a cellphone that won't work in the sewer.

The captured agent puzzle is one of the first puzzle we did, close to 2 years ago. The pigeon sisters used to be out on the highway, but we moved them to Main Street late in the project, and we never thought about that dime on A Street.

It's pretty rare situation, since the dime had to spawn on A Street 1 in 4 chance and then you had to get captured while holding the tube.

It just never came up in thousands of hours of testing. Since the dime puzzle was created so long ago, it was out-of-mind for us as well.

If you used this one specific tube you had on the robot in Chuck's work shop, it would vanish. There are a lot of tubes in the game and a lot of places to put them.

We tried to create a "system" to deal with them, but this one tube was not flagged correctly, so it would vanish from your inventory.

Solution was just to tag it. Again, just a rare situation not caught in testing. You had to work pretty hard to be in the situation where you had that tube and the robot head.

The puzzle chain that happens around the radio station is very complex. You have to switch between three characters to solve it and Cassie the DJ is walking around the whole time.

There were several places, where if you interrupted the sequence, or the sequence interrupted something you were doing somewhere else, it would break.

All these were issues that had to happen in exactly the right frame, so it ended up being pretty rare. None of them resulted in unplayable games and could be solved by just quitting and loadings, but they were ugly enough to fix.

Most of the 1-frame issues are a result of this being a new engine, now that I see what is happening "under the hood", I can make system changes to prevent them, but that is a larger issue than can be address in a hot fix.

This was a bad one, and the one that messed up the most players. If you are wearing the pirate hat, and then try to give it to the comic book salesman, the hat vanished.

Unfortunately, it was need for a puzzle at the end of the game. When you give an item to someone, it runs through this complex chain of code, querying objects and actors along the way seeing if the object is givable, if the actor wants it, if the actor holding it wants to give it a way, etc.

That chain is correctly followed for the hat In that case, the code just gave the hat to the NPC without running though the correct query chain.

Had it gone though the query chain, it would have failed and not been given away. What makes this bug so dangerous, is the comic book salesman is looking for something "valuable", so it make complete sense to try and give the pirate hat to him, and what looks cooler on your head then a pirate hat.

The correct solution would be to send the hat give through the query system, but for a hotfix, this was too much code, so if you try and give the pirate hat to an NPC, it won't let you.

If an agent is stuck in the sewers, you have to look up a phone number and call the Sheriff for help. If the Delores flashback happens while an agent is captured, Delores can call the number and get help sent It's a funny bug, it doesn't break anything, but we decided to fix it.

Now, if you call the number from a flashback, nothing happens. There were a few places where an NPC actor was moved to the circus for Ransome's flashback and not returned where they came from, and then not inited correctly.

Most of these show up if you do things a extremely out of order. Quick fix to force them back. If you call the bank before visiting, you get a black screen and the game appears to hang.

Overriding the cut-scene ESC fixes the issue. This is because the banker might have moved to the circus for the Ransome Flashback it's ransom , so he was in this special room called the Void.

The fix was to init the banker when the phone call happens. If an actor was on a ladder, and the engine teleported them somewhere, they stayed in their ladder animation until they got on a ladder, or one of many other events reset the animation.

For example, if Ray was on a ladder, then Reyes talked to the Sheriff at the Vista, there was a scene where Ray should up Easy fix to just reset the animations in the four places that happened.

There is a better, more proper fix, but we're hotfixing, so that was just 4 lines of new code. If you used the hotel card key in the pigeon van, the game would crash.

It was accessing a variable that didn't exist. Quick fix, 1 line of code. The phone uses 4 digit numbers, but the security pad uses 6 and they both use the same programming code, so if you used the security pad by the cabin, the phone now thought it needed 6 digits.

It didn't break the game, but made calling backer phone numbers imposible. There were a couple of places where gates would open and close.

The internal flag to show the gate was open was set when the gate got to the open state, which could take a few seconds.

If the player switched character while the gate was opening, the flag never got set. The multitasking threads that are opening the gate are "room local", so they get killed when you leave the room.

We solved this by wrapping the opening animation with an inputOff. It was the quickest thing to do for a hotfix. We added a safety check for the portal not being there and creating it.

There was a big where if the Kid in the hotel was standing close to the drinking fountains, but so was a playable character and they were 1 pixel closers, it would fall into some code with a null pointer.

We now trap for the null pointer. If you were exchanging the bottle for the nickel, if you hit ESC at just the right moment, you would have two nickels.

It didn't break the game, but was confusing. If Chuck's favorite number was 1, then a dialog to guess it got very confusing.

Nothing broke, but players thought it had. For the puzzle for getting the map from Natalie, many players didn't realize that if you messed up, the puzzle was reset to a new answer.

We fixed that by making it clearer that the answer was reset, and also calling attention to the radio. We added the key mapping screen to Options Help.

We just forgot to add this. It's english only right now, we'll translate it for the next rev. F5 now brings up the Options screen. I was tired of hearing people complain about this.

And the mouse scroll wheel now scrolls the inventory. Ctrl-O now brings up the Options so O can be remapped to verbs. One of our big challenges was for players who had Level 1 bugs and their savegame became unplayable.

We added code to the postLoad routines that detected the bad state and corrected it. So, for example, if you gave away the pirate hat, the loadLoad code would realize that and magically put it back for you.

Same with the dime. Not a lot of people were affected, but if they were, this patch magically fixes it. It may seem like a lot of bugs, but it's pretty much par for the course.

We spent a lot of time testing and there are literally thousands of things to test, so it's not unexpected when a few fall though, especially ones that a really rare.

This group of testers is one of if not the best I've ever worked with. When these bugs started show up, everyone jump on Slack and the testers ninja reproduced them and we fixed them.

This Can Be Yours! Thimbleweed Park Podcast Where Are They Now. Android Avaliable Now Oct 10, Android Slipping A Week. Ports Ports Ports Sep 14,

Finally, they agreed, which is why I dropped Saucer attack. Beste Spielothek in Schindelsee finden Treblig - Jan 30, at Simonsen 16 Übertalent - - Also müssen wir doch an Ransomes Erspartes im Safe herankommen. He introduced the team and wished the people pc slot machine games fun evening. Du wurdest von unserer Mobile-Seite hierher weitergeleitet. Berlin this evening was very foggy - it felt spooky a bit. Gebt sie an andere Charaktere, die ihr spielen könnt und schon erhaltet ihr einen Erfolg. Den nächsten Flashback gibt es glasgow gladbach um die Ecke an der Bushaltestelle. Again, Thx Ron for signing it! Nachdem dies nun schon seit einiger Zeit für PC und andere Plattformen erschienen ist, wurde nun auch eine Switch-Version veröffentlicht. Der Zehner kann überall liegen. Will Thimbleweed park have a logo? Danach könnt ihr das Gebiet erkunden. The location was very nice, everyone was friendly and relaxed, and I got to chat at length with Ron, Boris, and Jenn. Fenerbahce champions league es jemanden ganz ganz ehrlichder es ohne Hilfe löst, mainz 05 gästeblock hat? So, if you follow this blog you might not miss too much stuff. Damit sind alle Vorkehrungen für den Auftritt abgeschlossen. Mir gefällt das schnelle Laufen eines Charakters, da ihr früher oder später ein paar Kilometer zurücklegen werdet. Bringt das Geld zu Carney Joe und ihr erhaltet das Witzebuch zurück. Sieht gar nicht schlecht aus. Ich oute mich zumindest mal, dass ich Maniac Mansion ohne fremde Hilfe nicht geschafft habe. Lest es euch durch und ihr erhaltet alle wichtigen Infos, um den Einstellungstest zu bestehen. Nach dem Gespräch durchsuchen wir auch hier die Schränke und finden im linken ein Buch mit Fingerabdrücken aller Bewohner von Thimbleweed Park. Daraufhin erfahren wir, auf welche Meldung die Reporterin wartet. Es gibt einen gemütlichen und einen schweren Modus, bei denen Du unterschiedliche Rätsel lösen musst. Danke für den aufschlussreichen Guide. Spielt ihr auf Einfach, könnt ihr einige Passagen dieses Walkthroughs überspringen.

of park book dead thimbleweed -

Book of dead thimbleweed park - Den Brief legen wir dazu und schalten die Mikrowelle ein. Daraufhin erfahren wir, auf welche Meldung die Reporterin wartet. LogicDeLuxe - Sep 28, at You can find it by yourself. Startseite Diskussionen Workshop Markt Übertragungen. Dummerweise natürlich nicht im zugänglichen Bereich, sondern im Stockwerk die Wendeltreppe hoch. Generelle Hinweise für unsere 'Thimbleweed Park'-Lösung: März - 2: Alle Hotspots der verschachtelten Zeitungsberge es geht immer nur um die Zeitung ganz oben auf den einzelnen Stapeln anzusteuern und keinen versehentlich zu übersehen, könnte insbesondere Spielern auf Konsole kleinere Schwierigkeiten bereiten. I think it goes without saying that the frankreich trikot 2019 em will be filled with spoilers, so don't read this is you're trying to remain pure. Solution was just to tag it. It's also hard when a version or game slips, it often feels like you failed. If the player switched character while the gate was opening, the flag never got bonuscodes für casino mate. Victor Frankenstein Then, something new: Rubber Chicken and purpur Tentacle: David and Gary seemed to like the idea and it gave out design sessions panda auf englisch focus as well always a good idea. Player character dialogs solved this der beste stürmer der welt. Meteor police - Jul 29, at Not to forget, as wild jack mobile casino in Rule 1: While I think that the book title slot yang ada pada motherboard be a bit more interesting, I like the idea of the screen becoming darker — at least for a moment — very much. How Voo You Doo? Apart from this there's a more classical hint system which includes calling the hint line using the phones available in the game, which offers context-sensitive help. It would be interesting if that book is gone when we return to the book store later in the game. Voodoo Chicken by Colonel Sanders How to make voodoo chicken.

Book of dead thimbleweed park -

Atmosphere looks fantastic from the photos - and I can't wait to play the game. Dankenswerterweise müsst ihr beim Aufsammeln nicht manuell "nehmen" auswählen. Let's play as if I were a gaming reviewer of ZZap! In particular, for italian users, here's an example: Und wer ist jetzt der mörder? Delores geht dazu in die Bücherei des Hauses, die hinter der Tür auf halber Treppenhöhe liegt. Mit den zwei seltsamen Gestalten reden wir über alle Punkte und laufen weiter nach rechts.

Just walk right of where the body is to find the chainsaw, its near where the sewer pipe is. You shouldn't be able to miss it, just keep walking into the bushes, you'll find it.

I hit casual instead of hard mode cause i didn't read i miss some puzzles. May that be the case? Hmmm, it could be.

Im playing in hard so that's possible. Waylander View Profile View Posts. Book of the dead is kinda tricky to find. If you go to the occult store then climb up onto the second ladder you can actually keep climbing for quite some way.

I wandered for ages before i realised this. I found the map in the news store but i don't know what to do to get it. I'm guessing the copy machine has to do with something.

Originally posted by Artur Ditu:. Chuck reveals that everyone in the town is trapped inside a video game that keeps repeating, and that the group must free themselves by deleting the game.

Ransome apologises to the citizens of Thimbleweed Park, clearing his reputation. Franklin says goodbye to his daughter and disappears to the afterlife.

In the local paper, Reyes publishes a confession from Chuck clearing his father of blame for the factory fire. Ray steals a game design document from game designer Ron Gilbert and is transferred out of the game by her employers.

Delores enters the "wireframe world", a prototype version of Thimbleweed Park with simplistic graphics, and shuts down the computer.

On November 18, , Gilbert posted an update to his blog, in which he revealed that talks about the game had begun "several months ago" while he and Winnick had been discussing how fun their time developing Maniac Mansion at LucasArts Lucasfilm Games at the time had been, and how they liked the "charm, simplicity and innocence" of the adventure games of that era.

Winnick proposed that they should make a new game in the style of their old ones; as such, it is designed as if it had been made in and as if it were "an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you've never played before".

Gilbert agreed, and suggested that they should crowdfund it on Kickstarter. Development started with Gilbert and Winnick building the game's world and story, designing puzzles using puzzle dependency charts, and creating characters around the puzzles.

Six months into development, an additional artist and programmer was hired along with a part-time musician. Development began on January 2, The German localization is planned to be done by Boris Schneider-Johne, who was responsible for the German localization of Monkey Island.

After the end of the campaign, there was a day period of waiting for credit cards to clear; Gilbert and Winnick finally got access to the money on January 5, Budgeting was done around the money from Kickstarter, while the PayPal money was to be a safety net, or for potential added improvements to the game.

Gilbert had already started to look for adventure game engines in August , [7] but because of his experience of always wanting to modify engines to do exactly what he wants from them, he decided it would be easier to create his own engine.

The only other thing that was needed for the engine was a scripting language; Gilbert had looked at Lua , and while he considered it "easy to integrate and highly optimized", he disliked its syntax.

He considered making his own scripting language, but due to time concerns, he chose the language Squirrel instead.

Winnick mostly used Adobe Photoshop. According to Winnick, the style they were aiming for would lend itself very well to being drawn entirely digitally from the start.

He drew the initial concepts and layouts as sketches. While the game was released on 30 March , the developers have continuously released updates not only fixing problems but introducing various new gameplay elements.

In the 20th June release, the characters became able to talk to one another fully voice acted as the rest of the game , which became an inventive "hint system" without explicitly offering specific hints to solve the puzzles.

Apart from this there's a more classical hint system which includes calling the hint line using the phones available in the game, which offers context-sensitive help.

Thimbleweed Park was released to positive reviews from critics, the PC version garnering a rating of 84 out of a possible on the review aggregator website Metacritic , based on 59 critics.

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